Hi, I'm James

I love working on digital products, making them fun and intuitive to use so that people can get shit done.

I was originally in the field of product design, but my skills now cross the boundaries from User experience designer to front end developer. Bringing a wealth of knowledge from a background in both design and development. These two facets combined allow problems to be solved into usable and delightful interfaces, whether it be on mobile or desktop.

My Experience has been primarily with web and advertising agencies, working with clients to build value in new products, testing assumptions with real users and bringing their ideas to life. Additionally to that I have worked with larger corporate clients building both B2B and customer facing solutions.

I pride myself on my flexibility to work under variable environments and make the best of any situation. Having a solid understanding of both design and development practices has allowed me to communicate on the right level to many department types and stakeholders.‚Äč

Besides that, I've got many side projects ranging from smart home hardware development to illustration.


Design strategy 100%
Startup development 85%
UX/UI 80%
Visual design 70%


HTML & CSS 100%
Java 65%
Javascript 50%
Ruby on Rails 20%

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